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Athletes should aim to get around 3 rounds in the workout today.  Handstand pushups are scaled to pushups for transition speed sake.  The bottleneck of this workout is the deadlift and that is okay.  This is the piece they should take their time on.  Weight should be heavy but athletes need to be able to do the deadlifts in 3 or less sets. The other movements should be scaled to assist quick transitions.

0-10 Ind Warmup

10-16 General Warmup

  • Arm Swings
  • Torso Rotations
  • Wide Stance Hamstring Stretch
  • Upward Dog/Down Dog x2
  • Spider Lunge
  • Finish with 10 Plank Pushups
    • emphasize driving elbows back/ head in front of hands and then extending arms while driving chest through

16-20 Toes to Bar Prep

  • 5 x Strict Knee or Leg Raises
  • 5x Superman to Hollow Kips
  • 5 x Kipping Knee Raises
  • 8 x Kipping Knee Raises higher or toes to bar

20-25 Deadlift Group Prep

  • On Coaches Call
  • Set up position to bar above knee
    • Emphasize and look for hips and shoulders raising together
  • Knee to Hips
    • Emphasize and look for Glutes and Hammies driving the hips forward (not using lower back)
  • Full Lift
    • these two pieces added together in one smooth motion
    • look for bar not staying close to shins and thighs

25-27 DB S2O Review

  • Review the DB Shoulder to Overhead and demonstrate
  • most will do push press
  • emphasize driving through heels with knees out

27-37 Set Up

  • Warm up to Deadlift weight
  • Setup other equipment

37-40 Run Through

  • Have them go at own pace
    • 3 Handstand Pushups
    • 4 Deadlifts
    • 3 Toes to Bar
    • 4 Shoulder to Overead

40-42 Last chance

42-51 "Black Widow"

  • coaching triage focus is on people's weight not being too much

51-60 Cool Down

  • Lacrosse ball lower back and PVC pasthroughs
  • Get Scores