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The Workout today is a high rep fast paced workout. Should take less than 16:00. 

Row pace should be under 2:30, if athletes can't hold that they can scale to 400m.

Backsquat weight is a weight they can go UB when fresh, so they may have to break up as they get deeper.

Scaling for Pullups today is ring rows only. Mainly for logistics.

0-10 Individual Warmup

10-20 Mobility

  • Front Rack Stretch
  • Banded Hip Opener
    • 2x15sec each leg
  • Calf/Ankle Mobility
  • 10 x Bootstrappers

20-24 Pullup Prep

  • Lat Press Down
  • Kip (Press Down and Relax)
    • emphasize tight core and feet together
  • Kip + Pull
    • Pull as high as you feel comfortable
    • If doing a full pullup press away at the top

24-27 Teach Squat and Row

27-35 Warmup Squat/ Run through

  • Have them warm up their squat for the day
  • Once they feel confident they can run through 
    • 1 Round: 
    • 100m Row
    • 5 Squats
    • 5 Pullups

35-37 Last minute Adjustments

37-55 Dolphin Uppercut

  • look for straight backs on row
  • good squats especially engaging hamstrings
    • be ready to take weight off for folks who went too heavy

55-60 Cooldown/Scores

  • Couch Stretch