10:00 AMRAP
7 Toes to Bar

25' Handstand Walk
7 Pullups
25 Double Unders

Today is a bunch of high skill gymnastics that will really fatigue the shoulders.  Encourage them to choose scales that will help them push the pace, but will still help them push their skills.  Emphasize when teaching T2B vs Pullups that the kip begins in the hips on the T2B and begins at the shoulders on Pullups.

0-10 Individual Warmup

10-20 Group Warmup

  • Really need to warm the shoulders up today
  • Banded passthroughs
  • Banded Front Raises (standing on band)
  • Banded Pull Aparts
  • Banded Chest Presses
  • Shoulder Taps Walking out and back 
  • Scap Pushups

20-24 Toe to Bar Prep

  • 5 Kips
    • focus is on beginning by driving hips
    • pulling in through core, not pulling up hips
  • 5 Knee Raises
    • Again focus on pulling in through core
    • Keeping legs straight in superman position
  • 7 Increasing Toes to Bar
    • Starting with knee raises, let athletes build up to the scale they will use for the workout

24-28 Pullup Prep

  • Lat Press Down
  • Kip (Press Down and Relax)
    • emphasize tight core and feet together
  • Kip + Pull
    • Pull as high as you feel comfortable
    • If doing a full pullup press away at the top

28-36 Tryout Handstand Walks

  • Scale them to in order
    • Shorter Handstand Walks
    • Wall Facing Shoulder Taps x 24
    • Wall Walks x 3

38-48 Metcon

  • Focus on fixing bar kips
  • Help them scale down more if needed on the handstands

48-60 Accessory/Scores

  • Give them the option to hit 2-3 sets of
    • 7 DB Bicep Curls each arm
    • 7 Overhead Tricep extensions each arm
  • Get everyones scores