Front Squats
5 x 8

Pretty clear focus today, heavy squats at high reps. Spend time helping them with positioning and spend plenty of time coaching during the actual lifts. We will use a 3:00 clock for the sets

0-10 Individual Warmup

10-20 Group Positioning Stretching

  • Couch Stretch
    • At least 20seconds in each position
    • Driving through front leg into wall
      • oscillate with driving back leg into wall (flexing quad)
    • Drive hips forward and down by flexing glutes
    • Bring forward leg side arm to the ground like a spider lunge and hold
    • Always driving front knee out
  • Wrist Warmup
    • On knees palms down stretch and back of hands down to stretch
  • Wall "Bow and Pray"
    • Elbows on wall and close together
    • Send hips back and drop head through
  • "Front Rack See-Saw"
    • Get front rack grip on bar
    • Pick up bar off rig like a back squat
    • Back and forth at least 10 reps letting the bar pull elbows up and then actively resisting the stretch

20-27 Front Squat Instruction and Prep

  • Key points:
    • Feet under shoulders
    • Drive Knees out
    • Hands outside shoulders
    • Elbows should be between shoulders and hands
    • Upper arm parallel to ground
    • Drive elbows up out of the bottom of the squat
  • Air Squats with Arms straight above, not touching squat bar
    • 7 Reps
  • Zombie Squats (Bar on shoulders with arms out straight and slightly raised)
    • 5 Reps
  • Tempo Front Squat (3 seconds down, 3 up)
    • 5 Reps
  • Front Squat
    • 5 Reps

27-36 Warmup to weight

  • Encourage them to do about 3 sets climbing to a difficult first set
  • During the 5x8 they can make small jumps 5-10 lbs

36-51 Front Squats

  • Put them on a 3:00 clock
  • Help them with mechanics during squats
  • Encourage depth only after weight is properly displaced

51-60 Accessory/Scores

  • Barbell rollout quads
  • Get everyones scores, all five sets of weight