0:00-10 Individual warmup

10:00-18:00 Shoulder Mobility Prep

  • PVC passthroughs and stretches
    • front rack stuff definitely
  • Shoulder activation on wall
    • bend at elbows or come up arms straight
    • 3x5 slow reps
    • Stress lower back against wall and wrists against wall
  • 10 scap pullups
  • 10 scap pushups or give option for scap handstand pushups

18:00-24:00 S2O Review

  • We will just group warm up the push jerk because that's ideal for this workout
  • All movements have them go on your call "go"..."reset" or whatever you use
  • Hands at side jump and land in quarter squat
  • Hands on shoulders jump and land same thing
  • Hands on shoulders, jump, extend hands, land
  • Push jerk with PVC or bar 
  • Points to focus on
    • tight core
    • Arms locked out
    • Vertical torso on dip
    • Hips back knees out in catch


  • Athletes warm up to weight
  • Set up
  • Have them do 2 rounds
    • 6 cals
    • 3 S2O
    • Use this run through to test weight

33-35 Final prep and bathroom break

35-50 "Jackson Storm"

50-60 Cooldown & Record Scores
Have them set a bar on the rack at chest height and roll out triceps and lats