Teams of 2:
3 Rounds for Time:
Bike 70/50 Cals
50 Wallballs (20/14)
Farmers Carry 200m
10 Snatches (145,155,175/95,105,115)

This workout is intended to be a long grind with some heavy focused lifting at the end of each round.  The workout should take under 30:00.  Scale the bike if it is taking longer than 4:00.  Weight should be heavy but consistent and likely performed as alternating singles. 

0:00-10 Individual Warmup

10:00-17:00 Movement Prep

  • Snatch Warmup
    • Dip, Drive, Shrug
    • Dip, Drive, Shrug, High Pull
    • Dip, Drive, Pull Under and Punch
    • Move to Hang Position, Pull under to parallel catch
    • Move to Below Knee (ground), Pull under into squat

17:00-25:00 Final Review and Prep

  • Let Athletes build up to their final weight for the snatches

25:00-55:00 Games Week

Watch weight as athletes move through the rounds and scale them back before they increase on their own.

55:00-60:00 Cooldown and scores