For Time:
Run 800m
50 KB Swings
75 Double Unders
Run 400m
40 KB Swings
50 Double Unders
Run 200m
30 KB Swings
25 Double Unders

Moving constantly is today’s focus.  Nice solid cardio piece today.  Emphasis is on getting them plenty warm and then sending them off.  Coaching during the metcon will mainly be on pushing them on their pace and helping with DU technique. Sub 18:00 workout

0:00-10 Individual Warmup

3 Rounds: 12 Air Squats 50’ Bear Crawl 10 Spider Lunges

10:00-17:00 Group Warmup

  • Track Warmup
    • Knee Up and Across
    • Pullback
    • Lunge and Reach
    • Toy Soldiers
    • Inch Worms
    • Lateral Bunny Hops
    • High knee skips
    • Side Shuffle in squat
    • Over Under Fence
    • Butt Kicks
    • Bear Crawls

17:00-23:00 Final Review and Prep

23:00-43:00 Metcon

  • Push them on their pace

43:00-51:00 Finisher

  • This isn’t on the board but throw it at them after their workout as some additional work
  • 150 Situps
    • options include; regular, ghd, weighted, ghd with weight

51:00-60:00 Cooldown and Scores

  • Calve stretches and dead hangs